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Marriage is like a cell phone call in the night: first the ring, and then you wake up.

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We have been acquiring and selling keyword domain names for over a decade. Our inventory includes some of the most desired and easy-to-remember top level generic keyword domains.


Keyword domain names or generic names help you target product, location and service, the targeted search terms customers use to find what they want.


A domain name with your business name is a good thing. It represents your Brand ID. But unless you're a fortune 500 company, not many new customers are going to find you by your business name only.


For example, Time Inc. owns and uses Money.com, Hellmann's owns and uses Eat.com, and Intel owns and uses PC.com to identify their brands.


Whether your interest is in business development, investment, personal passion or a hobby, Name-it-Generic has a great selection of easy-to-remember relevant keyword domains available for immediate purchase.


Easy-to-remember short keywords or phrases without hyphens are best. Generic domain names are an investment in your brand.

Who is Name-it-Generic?

Name-it-Generic is an aftermarket keyword domain name merchant service. We have been acquiring and selling keyword domain names for over a decade. Our inventory includes some of the most desired easy-to-remember top level generic keyword domains. Many have not been offered or developed on the market place for over a decade. This presents a unique opportunity for businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals and hobbyists to acquire very exclusive easy-to-remember keyword rich domain names at fair prices.

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Identify your product, service, hobby, or passion with a relevant generic domain name that is specific to your brand.

Cellular Chargers .com is available for purchase.

This domain offers strategic, high visibility marketing opportunities and relevant search engine rankings. It sends a marketing statement that is customer targeted. It's a well-communicated and phrase-worthy domain name. A real "client catcher" that will promote growth and mature into a valuable business asset.

Chargers play a big role in keeping mobile phones going. Most people can expect to charge their phones once every 24 hours. Different types of chargers include wired and wireless models in different forms. Buying the right ones can impact your needs, desires, and lifestyle requirements. Some of the different kinds are Wall Chargers, Car Chargers, Emergency Chargers, Green Chargers, Computer Docking Stations, Radio Speaker Stations, Portable Chargers, Stationary Chargers, Fast and Rapid Chargers, Trickle Chargers, Two and Three Stage Chargers, Wireless and more! There are chargers to suit any situation or need you have.

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